Excellent Announcement My company getting posted on a main blog

We are really ecstatic now. I just got discover that 1 of my story was going to get distributed by ABC. I’m not certain what the increase will be to hits to my company’s site, however guarantee it will have a positive impact on our traffic.

Its sort of comical that a significant network would pick up my company’s PR story. I’m not necessarily saying it isn’t news worthy, but for it to appear on such prestigious site is interesting. I am speculating it is a slower news day for these folks.

Running a small business its excellent to see a small company get a little acknowledgement for all of its hard work. I hope this gives you, a small company operator some motivation to take significant action and get your name out there.

With regards to the amount of targeted traffic we will see, its seriously a best guess but hopefully we see 1000 new targeted traffic to our site. If we can get a 6% call in rate that would just be massive for our business. Irregardless of the quantity of site visitors, I am most certain that this will create some new customers for us.

It might be wishful thinking, it may lead to some more exposure for our Denver happy customers.

We will keep you updated regarding any posts from the network. I will continue to be cautiously upbeat, till the PR story is published on their web blog.

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